Green transition with Livestreaming Copenhagen

Give nature a helping hand by live-streaming your next event. Research shows that live streaming, rather than physical attendance, emits 90% less CO2 than the traditional physical meeting.


Reduce CO2 emissions with digital meetings

Green live streaming of meetings

When you choose Livestreaming Copenhagen, you reduce your company's CO2 emissions in several ways.

Digital and hybrid meetings emit significantly less CO2

We use modern and efficient equipment for live streaming

We have built our business around a green mindset

We support local green initiatives

Next step to a green event

Get started easily

We take the friction out of the ordering process. There are no bronze packs, gold packs, mini, pro or maxi models. One price that meets your needs.

The price of live-streaming in Copenhagen is 38.000 DKK ex. VAT.

Fill out the form and book Livestreaming Copenhagen in 2 minutes!


We stream securely and guarantee a safe experience during your livestream.

Good people

Our staff, besides being incredibly competent, are chosen for their people skills.

From Copenhagen

Our office, our people and our equipment are from Copenhagen.

Superb support

We'll never leave you hanging. We support our events both physically through our presence in Copenhagen and digitally.

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