Live streaming Copenhagen

Safe and secure live streaming in Copenhagen - performed by the cosiest team of communication experts and technology specialists.

We make sure you get a frictionless experience with a fixed price, fast feedback and first-class service when you book us for live streaming of:

  • Quarterly Meeting
  • Town Hall
  • General Assembly
  • Talk show
  • Product launch
Live streaming in Copenhagen
Live streaming in Copenhagen for Teams and Zoom

Independent of platform

Live streaming in Copenhagen for all platforms

When you live stream with Livestreaming København, you are free to choose which platforms to stream to. We have extensive experience with:

Microsoft Teams meetings and Live Events

Zoom meetings and webinars

Youtube live streaming

Facebook Live Events

Vimeo live streaming and webinars

Kaltura live streaming

IBM streaming (Watson)

Brightcove live streaming

Why choose Livestreaming Copenhagen?

Long story short: Because we have cracked the code for interactive and engaging live formats, because the green agenda is in our DNA and because your speakers, participants and viewers can all participate 100% frictionless.

When you choose Livestreaming Copenhagen you are on the safe side:

  • Video encoders are hand-built in Copenhagen
  • Streaming equipment located in Copenhagen
  • Streaming servers in Copenhagen (optional)
  • Live productions with redundancy

We can help you with live streaming in Copenhagen, whether you want to create a purely digital format or add streaming as a layer to a physical event.

What do you get?

There are no bronze packs, gold packs, mini, pro or maxi models. One price that meets your needs. Fill out the form and book Livestreaming Copenhagen™ in 2 minutes, and cancel free of charge within 3 weeks.

Live streaming in Copenhagen costs 38.000,-

The package includes:

Planning meeting
We match needs and expectations

Equipment and crew
Cameras, sound and streaming set-up and 2-3 production people

Live streaming and recording
Live for selected platform and archive version for subsequent use

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Join the biggest brands in the Nordic region...

Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

We livestream webinars for Denmark's most prevalent authorities where security is a top priority.

Novo Nordisk Foundation

We live stream conferences for the Novo Nordisk Foundation when the complexity of a hybrid event is mind-blowing.


When Volvo launches new cars and wants attention on their digital channels, we're the ones who get called in.

Why live streaming?

Over the last two years we have learned a lot about how to work and how to meet, when we really can't meet. Meeting culture has taken a quantum leap with live streaming, and many companies have boldly ventured into uncharted territory in terms of alternative digital solutions to bring management, employees and external stakeholders together. 

And yes, we're tired of boring meetings in Teams where a bad internet connection ruins the flow of the meeting. But thankfully, many have realised to overcome these potential shortcomings and how to tap into the opportunities that come with digital meetings.  

That's the essence of live streaming when it's done right, and that's exactly where Livestreaming Copenhagen™ can make the difference.

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Live streaming in Copenhagen

Make the green transition by thinking digital

It takes an incredible amount of energy to move in the physical world. And we're not talking about Armstrong riding up Tourmalet. We're talking about millions of speakers and guests who physically travel to millions of conferences and meetings - year after year. The carbon footprint is enormous when we insist on physcial meetings.

In fact, it is 94% higher than if we opted for a digital meeting. And green, digital variants are something Livestreaming Copenhagen™ do very well.

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